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"Structured Exception" error during gameplay

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"Structured Exception" error during gameplay

Gepostet: 06.07.2019 - 09:24  ·  #1
Hi. I have a problem with the latest version of aLobby. I downloaded recently to play with friends through our own VPN (downloaded for unofficial patches, bees, arch bug, etc). Each of us has downloaded and displayed 1.72. For me (I tested as a host and a game with a computer) at random moment of the game there is an error like in the picture.


I'm also enclosing errorlog.txt.

Our base version is the Polish "Settlers 3 - golden edition" 1.60.
Any idea how to patch it? The problem appears in random and always the same moments. If I save a moment before (solo play), the crash will occur at the same time, even if I go away with the camera.

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