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German or English

freier Siedler
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German or English

Gepostet: 07.11.2022 - 20:41  ·  #1
Dear people , I know that it is not fun to communicate in another language , I have to do that here every day , because I am from Belgium and I speak Dutch , my 2nd language is English , if people find it too difficult here to make the effort to understand english then it is not really possible to play in a team , close gems or close land that understands everyone or send pios , but i have the impression that people here do not master the german that people here just don't listen, this way you're not only screwing up my game but other players' games too, I don't like this at all!

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Bastler ohne Hand
Location: Bern
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Re: German or English

Gepostet: 09.11.2022 - 23:17  ·  #2
It's hard to tell in general about all people here, as there are definitely some German-speaking people here that either don't know or just hardly-know English - though most know it well enough.
It's probably best to make sure before the game starts, that the people in your team understand English well enough.
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